Robert Hunt
My Little Side Project
I always felt that my work lacked a consistent, identifiable style. For years I modified the techniques I used to fit the illustration problem at hand. A few years ago I began a project for myself to try to discover my own "personal style"...I try to do a painting for myself everyday, with the constraint that I use a timer and force myself to stop painting after 20 minutes.  I havent followed any guidelines or persued any specific themes, but focused on trying to make a picture simply with the minimum  of "technique" , the idea being that this might eventually lead to the evolution of a "style".
The results have been a revealation, at least to me.  So far I have done about 500 of these paintings, and I am just now beginning to see how to merge what I am learning with what I did in the past...I thought I would share a little of my project with my fellow Drawgerites...
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