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Society of Illustrators- Book and Editorial 2015

FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Illustration by Marc Burckhardt
Last Fiday night my wife Lynn and I attended the Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial 2015 opening in New York. For me it was a night to remember. 
Illustration by Brian Stauffer
There was a lot of great work this year- I managed to snap off some iPhone shots of some of the work...
Owen Smith's painting really stood out.
My students know I'm not much into comics so they might be surprised to learn that I am a huge fan of Wesley Allsbrook's work. This year I finally got to meet her!
Brian Stauffer's Op-ed illustration for the NY Times article on the missing Malaysian airliner. For my money this extraordinary image- or lack of an image- is the smartest and best conceptual illustration in the show, hands down.
One of many cool illustrations in the show by Yuko Shimizu. There were tons of really interesting illustrations from tons of amazing artists, young and old, old friends and people I never heard of, in all kinds of techniques. An increasingly large percent of the work was presented in digital print format-I know lots of this work starts as analog drawings - I really wish more of the original drawings could be on display!
One of several standout paintings by Jody Hewgill
An absolutely amazing painting for Nautilus magazine by Tim O'Brien. When you see these in person you start to appreciate what an incredible level of craft he brings to his work.
SooJin Buzelli received the Richard Gangel award for Art Director of the year.
One of what seemed like a hundred great pieces by Victo Ngai
The Balbusso Twins also had many great pieces.This is from The Canterbury Tales
Edward Kinsella won a Gold medal. ANother artist I have wanted to meet for a long time, I finally got a chance to meet him- what a nice guy. His work really stood out at the show.
A really strong piece by Jeffery Decoster

The great Sam Weber
Chris Buzelli authored several pieces in the show, this was my favorite.
The great, great Adam McCauley.
After the awards, we went upstairs- and PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY GETTING ROBERT HUNT (temporary) TATTOOS! (the tattoo art was being done by Ted Michaelowski)
Now art directors are getting these tattoos! What the hell is going on??
I guess it's because - I won the Hamilton King award!

With Art Directors Gerry Counihan (who gave me my first job in NYC) Anne Twomey, Maggie Olson (Former CCA student now an AD at Penguin), AD Deborah Kaplan (Also from Penguin) and my wife Lynn.
Here's a tip- If you have to get you picture taken- surround yourself with beautiful people!
Eric Skillman with the Hamilton King award. They gave it to me but I wouldn't have gotten it without him, and many others.
I gave a speech and I was so nervous I literally almost collapsed after I got back into the crowd. Everyone told me I didn't seem nervous but let me tell you, I really was. A number of people asked me to post it so it is available here 
On the way out of the building you have to walk part this incredible vintage magazine illustration by Dean Cornwell.
It was a magic night and I know I will never have another experience like it. I never expected any recognition and this was something I never imagined in my wildest professional fantasies. This could have been awarded to many people, I am gratefull to those who voted this honor for me.   It was an amazing, incredible night and this post serves to me as a sort of closure- time to get back to work.
On the way out of the building last Friday night, I walked past the great Dean Cornwell painting on the landing.  As I went by it whispered to me:  "You have a long, long  way to go."
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