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Laying Down Arms

JULY 30, 2010

I've worked with Bryan Gray many times over the years, and it's always a pleasure. Last month he asked me to do a cover for Liberty Magazine, about conscientous objectors- those who opt out of military combat  on moral or religous grounds. Conscientous objectors often display great courage in war as medics or in other non-combat roles.
Pencil sketch. Note the hi-tech tape. Note to students: The art direction at this point: add lots of bleed.

Bryan also asked me to do an interior page that would work with the cover, the idea was a modern version of the same guy as a medic...

My favorite part of this piece- the sword casts a shadow of a cross


The final cover in the layout. Special thanks to my model: the amazing artist and teacher Randy Chavez.

This kind of illustration-hand-done, using models etc probably seems anachronistic and old-fashioned to some people, but it's what I do best and there continues to be a place for it because it can resonate with an audience. Ive noticed in another thread a discussion of techniques-digital vs traditional- its totally irrelevant. The important thing is to make the best work you can, with whatever tools facilitate your vision,  and let the chips fall. I like hand-made things- so that's what I do. So far, it's worked out.