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James Victore: The Dinner Series

MARCH 16, 2012
My first art history teacher at UC Davis, Tony Fehm, introduced his students to  proto-renaisannce art by first bringing us to his home and teaching us to cook some classic Italian dishes. He believed that appreciation of art should be  a multisensory cultural experience-and to this day,  I still have special associations with that art which his teaching embedded in my consciousness. SO I was especially intrigued when I learned of James Victor's Dinner Series- a different kind of design workshop. - A multisensory experience.
I was introduced to James by Marc Burkhardt. I had the honor of being commissioned to create the painting he used on the cover of his monograph "Who Died and Made You Boss? "

Jame's Dinner Party series is best described by the man himself:
"Last year I started a workshop called the Dinner Series. My goal was to invite a small group of curious and energetic designers, writers, ad and creative-types to give them a total immersion into the way we in my studio work and think— about life, work, family, and creativity. We worked this brave group hard, this was the formula: 5 days in my Brooklyn studio with me, 5 evenings at a private restaurant in Tribeca with a private chef and a special guest luminary designer, artist or film maker...


...I thought this was a fun little idea—it turned out to be a huge life-changing idea.

Not only did our family of participants gain new perspectives on concept, connecting with clients, and new tools for idea generation and expression, but they ALSO left with a completely renewed sense of self– a reclamation of their creativity, game-changing plans on how to balance work life and family, kickass ways to conquer fear and self-doubt, and a sense of empowerment and how to make a bigger difference in themselves and the world around them...."

"We realized that by creating this intimate little family, we were at the precipice of a burgeoning revolution. A new movement illuminating the individual.

This year we are planning two sessions for the Dinner Series:
May 7-11with special guests Gary Hustwit, Peter Buchanan-Smith, Jessica Hische, Stefan Sagmeister, and Julia Hoffman.

And July 16-20 with special guests Debbie Millman, Ric Grefé, Milton Glaser, Arem Duplessis, and Paul Sahre."...

Its an intriguing idea to put together a workshop like this, and I have to imagine it would be a great experience. James is a fascinating and inspirational person, and this is a chance to gain some unique insights. If you are interested, please check it out!