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Acrylic Demos

OCTOBER 24, 2012
I do about two acrylic paintings a year...I usually work in oils but I do a demo in acrylic once a semester or so, the point of which is to experiment with unfamiliar materials. Acrylics are pretty unknown territory to me. But I'm starting to like them!
A tribute to today's 1st game of the World Series, Halloween, and a homage to the great John Hersey. Go Gigantes!

I often do my demos "by request"-this one evolved into "Jellyfish making amorous advances towards puffed-up pufferfish"

My first Acrylic demo: CanBoy.

This painting pretty much sums up why I don't use acrylic.

CanBoy battles a mutant seahorse!

I have done a lot of these, any I dont even have photos of because I gave them to students.
Partly because of the fast (less than three hours) turnaround and partly because Im working without any reference, and an unfamiliar medium, Ive noticed that my work in acrylic looks totally unlike my other stuff- but oddly consistent. Of course it has a lot to do with the fact that the subject matter is random and whimsical- but Im thinking I should find an outlet for this- because I like doing it. Im thinking about doing an alphabet book. But for now, I just thought I would share...