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Your Dreams - My Dreams

FEBRUARY 12, 2013
One of my paintings from my "picture of the day" project. Im starting it up again- see below.

Last weekend while I was in New York I was interviewed by the great illustrator Sam Weber for his podcast series Your Dreams My Nightmares.
If you are interested, please give it a listen. You can check out this interview and others on soundcloud and subscribe to Sam's podcasts via Itunes . Interesting to see that it is rated as being "Explicit"...Yes!
Thank you to Sam for making it so comfortable to do- it was a cool experience for me- if you get a chance to listen, I hope you enjoy it!
By the way- I have decide to try re-starting a project I worked on quite regularly for several years, painting a picture every day for myself. Previously I worked under a time limit of 20 minutes, I think I am going to expand to 30. Every two weeks or so I plan to post 10 new paintings here on Drawger (pressure is good motivation).