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Another one for Randall Enos

OCTOBER 29, 2006
Riggs at work, "where he listens to music of Africa, India and Siam" among masks, snakes, fur trappings and mummified fingers....
One of my mostt treasured books is "40 illustrators and How They Work", By Ernest Watson, published in 1945.  It is filled with fascinating interviews and insights into the lives of these illustrators, some of whose work seems to have lived on, Some who might fall into the category of "forgotten" illustrator. Certainly one of the former category, Robert Riggs work stands out in the 1945 context as it still does today...I have often thought that some of his work would be right at home in current illustration annuals...here are a few pictures from this book....
Illustration of Coney Island for Fortune Magazine
The coronation scene from Boris Gudanov..."with a rich brush the artist has brought to life the turmoil within the usurper-tsar's mind..."