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Stanley Metzloff

NOVEMBER 11, 2006
I just learned from Irene Gallo's site that SI Hall of Fame illustrator Stanley Metzloff passed away this week. I had known very little about him except aside from his underwater paintings in S.I. annuals, until reading an article last week on David Apatoff's site "Illustration Art" about his incredible paintings of Greek history.
From Apatoff's article:
Meltzoff wrote about surviving in the years when the bottom dropped out of the illustration market:
My wife was ill, my children needed college money and I was almost 60 years old. I stood on the corner of 56th and Lexington Avenue in the rain with a soggy portfolio in my hands and improvised a sad little song about defeat, flat feet and flat broke while I tried to think of something to do.
Meltzoff responded to adversity with great artistic potency. He single handedly created a new market for paintings of seascapes and gamefish, which enabled him to combine his expertise in diving with his passion for art.

We have lost a great illustrator .

To read an inspiring and moving tribute to Mr. Metzloff, visit
Stanley Metzloff''s website :