Robert Hunt
Meet Victoria
Baby V. at 2 months...
Victoria  Hunt was born the same day we moved from the city to small-town San Anselmo.  Through the years she has taken time out of her remarkably busy life to model for a number of  projects… a mini-documentary of growing up, a process that happens much too fast….
before I knew it, my model grew up...
we had an idea for a children's book about a child who grows up in a dream...
First grade
sketch for a book cover
Reading, Maui 2003
Off to Holland to save the world's animals...
They really do grow up too fast...
This May Victoria will graduate from Cornell University (in 3 years) with a long list of accomplishments distinctions.
This week she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship by the European Union-a "free ride" scholarship for the EU sponsored Master's program in genetics and management of zoo fauna in Europe. Congratulations to Victoria Hunt...The nest will never really be empty, but it's hard to see them grow up...

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