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Back to the Land

APRIL 4, 2007
Oak trees; above Alpine Lake, Marin
I hated painting on location in art school. Nowadays I really love to do it (as long as I can work out of view of passers-by).  I don't do these kind of paintings for any particular reason except as fun- I don't try to sell them, I don't put them up in my house or galleries, they just sort of pile up when I get the time to do them. Since it's spring, I thought I'd share some of these paintings  here on Drawger.

Technical note: they are all around 24x 30 or so in size, painted in oil on linen on a french easel in one shot, usually a couple of hours.
Willow Tree, Tiburon
Lake house, Tiburon
Filoli garden, san mateo
Nicasio Lake
Stowe Lake, golden gate park
Art and Garden center, Ross
Aspen trees, Yosemite valley
Cherry Tree, San Anselmo (in my yard)