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Barbara Bradley

MAY 4, 2007
Tonight at the Society of Illustrators, Barbara Bradley will receive the 2007 Distinguished Educator of the Arts award.

Selected by a nationwide jury of over 75 illustrators, art directors and educators for this award, Bradley joins a prestigious list of past recipients. Among them: Alvin J. Pimsler 1997, Alan E. Cober 1998, Murray Tinkelman 1999, Marshall Arisman and Phillip Hays 2000, Tom Allen and Barron Storey 2001, David Passalacqua 2002, Ben Eisenstat, David Macaulay and Howard Pyle 2004, Rudy Gutierrez 2005.

Barbara has been teaching drawing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco since 1958. Prior to that she had worked at Cooper Studios in New York. She has influenced hundreds of students over the years and today many professional illustrators today will acknowledge Barbara as a primary force behind their careers. She taught drawing as a tool for expression to be learned without ego, and her message has resonated with hundreds of students.

Among Barbara's former students are Kazu Sano, Francis Livingston, Chuck Pyle, Terryl Whitlatch, Eric Joyner, Tim Bower and myself. The list could go on and on.

I thank Barbara for all the knowledge she passed to me, and I try to repay by passing it on to others. I wish I could be in New York tonight to see her receive this truly well deserved recognition. Congratulations Barbara!