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When in Rome...

DECEMBER 12, 2007
An early sketch
Recently  I was commissioned to make murals of Roman Gladiator Basketball for Caesar's Palace in Windsor Ontario.
The largest is 35 feet wide. The original paintings are smaller-the largest is about 7 feet wide, in two pieces- printed digitally at full size and installed by mounting on the walls on site. (interesting note: the final files printed at 200 DPI-at 35 feet x 7 feet- ... That's a BIG file!)
I had to do this project in about 2 intensive weeks-it had to be installed by the opening of the NBA season.
one of the murals: entering the stadium
another mural-35 feet wide installed...
technical note: these are  oil paintings. Some final tweaks were made digitally. I shot the paintings in sections with a digital camera.