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New Visions

DECEMBER 21, 2007
Jennifer Poon
In this post I want to introduce the Drawger audience to three new voices in art with which I have had the good fortune to be associated.
The first is my former student Jennifer Poon. Jennifer graduated from CCA in 2000, and was a student in my first class there. Since then she has developed an incredible technical ability which she has used to create an intense personal and powerful body of work.
Jennifer Poon
Jennifer Poon
Jasper Wong
Another former student , and a more recent graduate on a very different path is Jasper Wong.
Jasper Wong
Although I am never sure what to make of Jasper's work, I think you will be seeing more of it in the future. Brace yourself...

N8 Van Dyke
Last but by no means least is  N8 Van Dyke. N8 was never my student, or anyone's, for that matter.  I was introduced to Nate (even then N8) 10 years ago when he was a sophomore in high school. He had a pile of incredible sketch books, immense talent and a desire to do only one thing,: draw pictures. My small role in N8's success was to provide some guidance early on...some of which he followed. He's gone from the local county fair cartoon contest to Scion cars, Converse shoes and many places in between...and always on his own terms...
n8 VanDyke
N8 Drives a Ford
I plan to share the work of several more new young artists and outstanding former students in the coming year. Happy Holidays!