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Celluloid Heroes

JANUARY 23, 2008
Daniel Day-Lewis, Oscar nomination 1/22/08
"Everybodys a dreamer and everybodys a star,
And everybodys in movies, it doesnt matter who you are.
There are stars in every city,
In every house and on every street,
And if you walk down hollywood boulevard
Their names are written in concrete...
Heath Ledger, found dead NYC 1/22/08
"...You can see all the stars as you walk down hollywood boulevard,
Some that you recognise, some that youve hardly even heard of.
People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame,
Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain.

Everybodys a dreamer and everybodys a star
And everybodys in show biz, it doesnt matter who you are.

And those who are successful,
Be always on your guard,
Success walks hand in hand with failure
Along hollywood boulevard."

-Ray Davies, Celluloid Heroes