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The Return of my Little Side Project

JANUARY 7, 2009
Picture of the Day, Oakland Cemetery 1/7/09
As some of you know, I have been working on an ongoing project of daily 20-minute paintings for a few years as a sort of personal R&D. Last year I experienced an undfortunate problem with my website  which rendered the "AlterEgo" part of the site, containing the daily painting project, unworkable. For this reason, (as well as a need to take a break, recharge and focus on other projects in 2008), the Picture of the Day project lay dormant for most of the past year. As of Jan 1 2009,  my website has been totally rebuilt and relaunched, with new work updated regularly, including the "alterego" pages. I plan to do a new 20 minute piece every dayin 2009. The current piece as well as the entire archive of over 300 past entries can also now be seen on the new revised site Roberthuntstudio.com and roberthuntstudio.com/alterego. I will be sending out new 20 minute paintings at least 4 days a week in 2009.
If anyone has any interest in receiving these paintings via email, please let me know. You can also subscribe on the site via RSS.
I would also love to get any feedback anyone may have on the functionality of the new website.
The most recent POD paintings were done in the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland Ca. Though the subject matter may often seem random, there is usually an underlying motivation. In the case of the current "Oakland Cemetery" paintings, the idea behind these pieces has to do with the shooting of a young man earlier this week in a BART station, under questionable circumstances.
Thanks to Ashley Benham for the work on the website!
New and improved website roberthuntstudio.com