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Rogues Gallery: Final Edition

JANUARY 19, 2009
Somebody has to do it- from upper left: UN Ambassador John Bolton: a bad toupee, a walrus moustach not dyed to match, and a deep philosophical disbelief in the very organization- The United Nations-where he was your representative, Ted Haggard: One time Bush confidant and poster boy for all forms of hypocrisy, Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff (see earlier post), Dick Cheney; here portrayed in the wildly disrespectful ski beanie and parka he wore to a memorial ceremony at Auschwitz, Paul Wolfowitz: Architect of the Iraq war, rewarded later by an appointment to presidency of the World Bank, Donald Rumsfeld, so wrong so often that even Bush lost faith in him, Michael "Brownie" Brown,who did "one heckuva job" on New Orleans, Ken Tomilson, Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, forced to resign when it was discovered that he ran a horseracing operation out of his office, Henry Paulson, charged by the administration with spending the 700 billion that was supposed to repair the damage that their own deregulation and malfeasance wrought on the economy...There are more, but this is enough for anyone...and tomorrow it's a new day!
I am beside myself with excitement for our new President and the new culture he brings to Washington. Last week I began a personal project to memorialize some of the more egregious villians of the past few years, (not necessarily those directly tied to the Bush administration) but I really had not thought through the potential scope of such a project - and I also realized that I didnt want to think about these guys after the inaguration.I decided to scurry around today and whip out a batch of these guys- One could do hundreds of these, there's no shortage of these charachters.   So here's a few more for the Rogues Gallery.Good Riddance!
UN ambassador John Bolton...he hates the UN!
master of bungled war, Bela Lugosi look alike, now inexplicably Master of the World Bank...
incompetent horse show administrator turned incompetent FEMA director Michael Brown