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Two Months Before the Mast

MARCH 2, 2009
Some of the personal work from January and February.
I have posted before about my ongoing personal project of daily paintings - Here are some of the pieces I did this January and February.
I do these in addition to my regular assignments.
A couple of these were demos for my class, and one was for David Heatley's video, but otherwise No clients, no money, no awards, just a little piece of freedom at the end of the day...
A drawing of the Futurist sculpture "Unique forms of Continuity in Space" by Umberto Boccione.
I left this out of my Rogues Gallery, the Bonus Rogue, Nancy Grace.
Mike Tyson, I left off the tattoo. He should have too.
Abe Lincoln with Dragon Wings. Why not?
Birthday tribute to Jules Verne
One of many recent Lincolns
Zooey, painted as a demo at CCA.