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Company of Liars

MARCH 2, 2009
the full cover-the hand with the runes is on the spine, the area just to the right of that is for blurbs...
I completed the cover art for Company of Liars a while ago, I am told it is in the bookstores now. A story of a Chaucer- era wandering band, it presented a unique problem, to show many of the charachters and situations from the book. I made a breugel-esque background painting and then painted many little pieces to fit inside the circles.
I posted this next to another post of my daily paintings because I wanted to point out that I would not have been able to do a project this before I took myself to the woodshed.
some of the spots
hanged girl spot
One of several Wolves
Background painting
The finished art, complete with distressed surface.
detail of finished art. Paolo Pepe was the art director for this project, Random House is the publisher.