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Success and Failure

OCTOBER 7, 2009
In addition to my regular illustration work, I am continuing to work on landscape paintings on location. It's a hell of a learning experience...there's some new problem to overcome every time...sometimes it works out, sometimes, not so much....

Inverness Park. I painted this twice before I got a good one. I also met a man who seems to live in the shrubs there.
These paintings (as were the paintings in my earlier landscape post) were all painted on location in one session. Why not?

I drove for 3 hours looking for a good place to work in the overcast, and wound up with what I think is my best one yet. Unfortunately, there hasnt been a foggy day since....

Above Bolinas
these trees in my neighborhood are being cut down. They are like old friends, I've seen them every day for 23 years.Today I heard chain saws...I painted what was left just now. It may be all I have left of them  tomorrow....

Ring Mountain. I was actually going to climb up it to look out over the Triangle Watershed, which it overlooks, but the tide was out, so I painted this instead. It looks like a "typical California plien air" painting. I think FAIL
Trinagle Watershed in process of being overworked.
Painted this while my wife read a book just to the left. It was a nice afternoon....except that I wanted to fling it like a frisbee into the lake.....
Standing in mud, all kinds of leaves and junk was blowing all over the painting.
West Marin watershed. Maybe. Hard to say.
I'm going to keep on with this and see what happens- you don't know what you can do  if you don't try. I'm trying. That's all I can do.

Added 10/8/09 I finally got my foggy day this morning.