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CCA Senior Thesis: Brynn Metheney's Moare River

JANUARY 4, 2010
Another outstanding recent graduate of the CCA illustration program is Brynn Metheney. Brynn's field of interest is concept art, and for her senior project she deesigned an ecosystem, The Morae River,  complete with flora and fauna.

According to Brynn, "The Morae River is an exploration of a fictional river and it's ecosystems. I wanted to put the animal and plant species I was creating into a context where they could further evolve and shape their environment as organisms do here on earth. "

Brynn's project has been evolving along with her skills and confidence as an illustrator. She has had to be somewhat independent as our program is not direcly focused on concept art, but we try to support the students to develop towards their own interests.  Brynn has also been my teaching assistant for the last year- and she is going to be missed by the entire department. I wish her the best of luck as she sets out to look for work as a concept artist.