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Tea Baggers

MARCH 29, 2010
I asked myself last night how could anyone claim that the hate speech projected toward President Obama and others during the so-called 'Tea Parties' be considered 'isolated incidents' when similar incidents have been occurring before he was elected.

As far back as 2007 - "...another conservative pundit used Obama's middle name to insinuate potential connections to Muslim terrorists. Ann Coulter, while commenting on a speech Obama had given about religion, told Fox News' Hannity and Colmes, "I do think anyone named B. Hussein Obama should avoid using 'hijack' and 'religion' in the same sentence."

Is this what 'news' is defined as by FoxNews?  Every day, this sort of speech gets aired.

It's not a hard find to find examples of this sort of thing going on week after week and after a few years of it, it seems that the extremist right are taking it to new levels perpetuated by the party leaders and news media.  To think, some of the greatest achievements of our country in our history, the voting in of a black President and true healthcare reform being signed into law...it is marked with unreasonable fear and hate.

I did this last night as a reaction to what I've been reading, listening to and seeing and thinking about what really could be the motivation behind all this.  It is foreign to me to think that a health care law that will benefit nearly everyone in the country in the long run causes racism, homophobism, disrespect from Congressmen and social breakdown of how people talk and treat one another.  Is all this really about health care?  Is this really about the silliness of our country becoming 'Socialist' or 'Communist'?  Is this about 'armaggedon' raining down upon us from the skies?

I want to make sure to mention that I don't want to lump all conservatives into all this.  Respectful, intelligent and WELL INFORMED debate of reasonable issues is the American way.  I just feel the more grounded conservatives should try to get their party back in line because right now it seems to be run by ill-informed hateful extremists and talk show hosts.