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AUGUST 16, 2010
Something different.

Ron Escobar at Yoga Journal called me with an idea.  Ron pitched this idea of just taking my line work and incorporating it into photographs for their 35th Anniversary issue with a special section dedicated to the Lotus Pose.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some of my work in a different context than what I am used to.

I've done quite a few pieces for Yoga Journal over the last year or so and would have to say they are one of my favorite clients.  I think my sensibilities works well with what they try to convey so even with a new idea at hand, I was confident that we were going to make it happen and work well.
Note: In number 3, you should know that its the guys foot there by his waist. That's...his...foot. I think my leg would snap off if I tried that.
How this job happened was pretty simple.  We agreed on the budget, found out what Ron wanted and I drew and drew.  I did a few initial drawings to make sure I was going down the road he wanted then with some more information I kept going with it and just funneled work to him every couple of days.

I think I did about 30 drawings of just lilpads.  All different sizes and shapes and patterns.  Probably at least  10 drawings of lotus flowers in different forms from realistic to very decorative.
This whole thing is actually a little different for me.  I am so used to being the idea generator and my art being the focus of the design.  In this case, I had to be more of a decorative artist and work back and forth with Ron about how he was thinking the drawings would interact with the figures and the space of the photos.  It was interesting just being allowed to make drawings without the pressure of the 'idea'.  It kind of goes against my grain a bit and not what I am used to but still fun nevertheless.

It was great seeing the final PDF's come in.  All those drawings I did...it was like pot-luck of which one's were going to be used and I think the end results are pretty fantastic.
Here below are just a minute sampling of some drawings that didn't make the cut for various reasons...too complex, not complex enough, etc.  Yes, we even discussed the idea that I would hand-letter the headline of the opening spread.  I've been wanting to get involved with more lettering so I was pretty excited to have some time and an occasion to do it.  Unfortunately, it wasn't used.

Thanks to Ron for the great time working on this project!