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Conspiracy Theory

FEBRUARY 18, 2010
I enjoy a good conspiracy theory! Who shot JFK? Was it aliens that gave us stealth technology? Why did Rapidograph do away with the #5 nib leaving the #4 and #6? Who painted the 'little guy on the globe' first and did he die from mixing pop-rocks and drinking Coca-Cola?

Conspiracy theories comes with the responsibility of making sure that one doesn't blindly ignore or cover up the actual facts of the historical record in order to try to defend their 'theory'.  If this happens, it often creates a swirl of misinformation that people start believing which makes it all that much harder to access the truth.  We see this regularly with political spin. 

So anyway, everyone knows that aliens shot JFK and Rapidograph stopped making the #5 nib to try to make sure that no evidence was found that the #5 nib was used to assassinate the creator of the 'Little Man on Globe' visual metaphor...which truthfully, might not have been a bad thing.  As usual, beautifully art directed by Bryan Gray for Liberty Magazine.