Scott Bakal
November 2010
Only In 3's
Red Fish | 18"x24" | Acrylic and Ink

One (1): I was asked to create a piece for the Member's Show at the Society of Illustrators to be used for the Call For Entries and promotion and the original will be at the exhibit.  It is an honor for me to be asked to do this piece for the Society.  Thank you Jeff Fisher and Stephen Gardner past and current chairs for asking me to do this.

As a personal bonus, this painting above and my 'Tea Baggers' pieces were accepted into this year's Annual.  Thanks to all the judges!
"Paint It Red"
The 21st Annual Member's Exhibition
December 1st-30th, 2010
RECEPTION: December 3rd. 2010 - 6:30PM - FREE

"Red is the color of passion, love, lust and beauty as well as violence and war. From painting on cave walls to the realms of the digital world, red has always been the most communicative color. One need only walk through the [red] doors at the Society itself to see how highly it is regarded."
Two (2): To add, the new American Illustration book will contain one of my spaceship/alien pieces from the Arrival Series.  It is pretty exciting personally to be accepted into this annual because I enjoy the quirky nature of the art showcased in the book and happy to be part of it.

The AI Party was a great time as it usually is.  I got to hang out with the gang, meet some new people and get a couple of dollops of NYC back in my blood....and a 2.5 inch thick filet mignon on one of those nights.  Whoa!

Three (3): This is a small series I did for the PIN4 (Power in Numbers) show this year at the Nucleus Gallery.  I like doing some of these group shows because it allows me to open up and play around a bit more with media and ideas rolling around in my head.  I've been working/experimenting with some monotype techniques and decided to use them here and step into using oil based paints which is something I haven't done in about 10 years.

...and one of the other reasons why I've done this show the last couple of years is to help raise money for the American Red Cross.  Make fun art and feel good about it too!
Burned #1 (The Moment) | Mixed on Canvas | 5x7
Burned #2 (Death) | Mixed on Canvas | 5x7
Choked | Mixed on Canvas | 5x7
Broken | Mixed on Canvas | 5x7

There's been a lot going on lately so I thought I would do a collected post of a couple of recent things that's happening.  The title for this post popped in my head because of the three sections and immediately I thought about The Breeders.  Any fans out there should know what I am talking about but if you haven't heard of them, I thought I'd drop in a tune of theirs for your amusement and enjoyment.  One of my favorite songs from them.

Thanks for reading!


SF Weekly Painting and Video
Wounded Pride Cover | 10.5"x13" | Acrylic and Ink
I write here completely robbed of sleep but this has turned out to be an interesting few days.  Andrew Nilsen, art director at SF Weekly called to do a cover for a feature story about issues around gay teens in the San Francisco area.

As I started the painting, I decided for fun, I would film myself doing the painting and mess around with time-lapse and see what it looked like.  I've always enjoyed watching artists paint and have a pretty decent collection of artists working so I thought I could use it in a presentation or something when I teach at school.  I've also been wanting to mess around with video for a while anyway.  Back when I was in a band in the late 80's-early 90's I did our 'videos' and archived our live shows using VHS players doing all the mixing and editing through them in a very lo-fi sort of way.  Today's technology is way above that and have been 'geeked' up for a while to see what I can do with it.  I mentioned what I was doing to Andrew on Monday about the video and he jumped on board to get the video posted on the SF Weekly website.
The art I did for Monday's deadline was hitting the streets on Wednesday (today) and the website had the article up Tuesday night.  With this sort of timing, it became pretty imperative that I get the video done as soon as I could so that it was on the site while the paper is out on the street.  There was one issue...I never used After Effects before and somehow had to make a 6 minute film with still images, edit about 10 hours of video and figure out a sound track.

So with very little video editing experience but with some general knowledge of Adobe products and some common sense...and super patient help from Kristina to help figure this out and finish it when my eyes started to cross, we pulled the video together.  Seeing the result, I wish I filmed it larger than 420x340 so it wouldn't blur out as it has but I wasn't thinking that this would end up being used for anything other than my own amusement.
While I was scrambling last night putting this video together I considered doing a 'commentary' over the film or have some kind of soundtrack.  I decided that a soundtrack would be much better and just let the film and art speak for itself.

Living up here in Boston now for the last year, I've been going to Sinti Rhythm shows.  They are a great bunch of guys especially Drawger's very own Robert Saunders who recently just put up a post about their new record which came out recently.  I thought they would be great for the soundtrack I and called Robert last night to see if they would let me use the recording of 'My Melancholy Baby' and the whole band was cool with it.

As I was thinking about the music and how it related to the video, I liked the Yin and Yang of it.  The art I was making is a pretty heavy topic but the video sped up made it sort of jerky and I'll use the word 'spunky', in a way.  The title of the song, 'My Melancholy Baby' you'd figure it would be a slower minor chord sort of song but its sort of the polar opposite of that.  Upbeat and in major chords.  I thought the combination would work well here.

The whole project fell together nicely.  I had a great time working with Andrew making the art and had a completely frenetic and sleep deprived experience putting this video together.

I hope you enjoy it.
Wounded Pride | 10.5"x13" | Acrylic and Ink
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