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"I...You...We...Robot!" show in Boston

JANUARY 27, 2010
Two Alien Robots (and the Hope for Real Existence) | 11"x14" | Mixed
I am excited to be part of this group show coming up.  Opening is this Friday...it should be a blast!  NPR came down to interview the gallery rep and film some of the images that are in the show.

Opening Reception This Friday, January 19, 6-8pm

Artists include Marietta Apollonio, Scott Bakal, Allison Bamcat, E.J. Barnes, Jeff Bartell, Alli Biondi, Craig Bostick, Kevin Burney, Scott Burns, Alex Carlson, Keenan Cassidy, Derrek Coss, Megan Mary Creamer, Eliot Daughtry, Jon Defreest, Jyll Ethier-Mullen, Jamie Fales, Andy Fish, Michael Georgason, Howard Green, Jr., Stephen Hamilton, Brian Hart, Veronica Hebard, Ann Hirsch, Andrew Jacob, J-ME Johnston, Joe Keinberger, Patt Kelley, Kim Kent, Ron LeBrasseur, Jacob Lefton, Doughty Leigh, Ben Lewis, Jennifer Lewis, Vanessa Ly, Dave MacMahon, Bob Maloney, Joey Mars, Carly Mazur, Fish McGill, Matt McKee, Sarah Morrison, George Motta, Dan Moynihan, Scott Mullowney, Peter Murphy, Markus Nechay, Dave Ortega, Peter Payack, Ansis Purins, Rhonda Ratray, Mister Reusch, Chris Ried, Derek Ring, Ryan Robidoux, Jeremy Russell, Skript, Skunk, Andrew Sloan, Lindsay Small, Michael Paul Smith, Stones, Wayne Strattman, Adam Szymczak, Tom Torrey, Stefan Volatile-Wood, and John Wiltshire.

(the work above, l-r is by Jeff Bartell, Patt Kelley, Alex Carlson, Scott Bakal)