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Believe it or not, there are 12,271 articles here and even more bewildering than that there are 132,527 comments here related to all those articles. It's crazy, it's unreal, it's a fact nonetheless.
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Drawger is for sale
Drawger will most likely become profitable in 2063 if our calculations are correct. If you would like to purchase Drawger, the two guys that run it are willing to sell it for one hundred million dollars. We would like to have that as a cashiers check, written out to Bug Logic, which is the extremely small outfit that attempts to run this place.

Want a site here? Forget about it
If you would like to get a blog here at Drawger, you can pretty much give up on that idea right now and go think about something else. Drawger was established as a disfunctional democracy in 2006. Trying to get a site here then was next to pointless because nobody could agree on anything. In 2010, Drawger experienced a people's revolution, but all of those peoples were faced down by the art police and never heard from again. In late 2011, Drawger welcomed the return of a benevolent dictatorship, where-in all power resides in the hands of a trusted dictator and his council of unreliable cronnies. In short, getting a site here is just as impossible as when the smell of democracy and justice was in the air so you should just forget about it and click on something else. If you have compaints about how all this works or doesn't actually work, click here.

Stupid things happen in life
Drawger is a blog site and each individual member here manages their own area of the site. Sometimes there are things said here which people regret. That's life. It's all very similar to life, in fact. Stupid things happen. For the most part, it's all good. If you have a complaint about something posted here, then address it to the person's blog where the stupid stuff is posted. Don't send an email to the guys who run Drawger, because we will probably be out to lunch and living the extravagant life-style expected of internet tycoons.

Advertise on Drawger
Drawger gets about 10,000 unique visitors a day. Why do they come here? Total mystery. If you would like to purchase an ad here, you can purchase a banner on the home page for $20,000 a day. We would need that as a cashiers check made out to Bug Logic. Be aware that if your ad looks stupid, we will send your money back. Actually, forget about it...we don't want your money. Drawger has decided not to accept any advertising dollars from anyone because it suddenly just seems like a lousy idea. Things change fast.

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November 11

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