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The Bently Steamer 1896 The Process

MAY 18, 2010
It always starts with drawing from the minds eye I collect my doodles this is where the ideas mingle and emerge
Changing materials lately now working with thin plywood and rolled aluminum
This is a walk away point very important; the tape holds the glued joints as the glue cures, simply walk away three to four hours,go back up to the studio
Need to make top bottom and sides now the sculptures are not just flat but exist in 3D, this takes longer ands needs more detail
A friend gave me some old chipped blue drinking glasses,I broke them up and they make for a nice feeling of water.
Nice sculpture once the print is made
Can not help myself been making my own frames
The Bentley Steamer 1896 Created in Ashford England1896 by James Bentley Nick named the Bentley Tea Pot, for the alleged sound it made as the boiler came up to temperature before each flight. Considered the worlds first heavier than air flying machine. James Bentley was born an heir to a family owned cotton mill. A near do-well for most of his life until his later years in which he became captivated by the work of the German inventor Otto Lilienthal (1849 - 1896) James became enamored by Lilienthal designs and the distances he was achieving with un-powered glider flight. James was married to a Chinese diplomat and this accounts for the Chinese Dragon painted on the wings, dragons fly well and are said to bring good luck. This model is claimed to be the only known record of James Bentleys design in existence’s a rare fine and an important step in mans quest for powered flight.