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Steam Rocket

JULY 12, 2010
Steam Propelled Rocket Tests Bristol Beach England 1864 A Single un- guided Steam Rocket reported to have been successful, altitude and flight speeds information not known
The cardboard serves as a drawing area to create temples for new parts
A rare partnership of the British war dept and the private scientific sector, The naval department supplied the use of its early steam catapult In order to propel the steam rocket for these tests. The navy was very much interested in steam rockets, and steam-powered torpedoes and worked closely with the engineers to experiment with this new technology. The site of these tests were often cause for great curiosity with large numbers of on looking crowds. Early flying machines often doted the skies before the flights; the great naval guns were discharged warning all to stand clear just piror to blast area.
The Completed Rocket
Ideas have been flowing rather well lately I been filling up a booklets roughly one a month, doodles are photocopied then bound into booklets and dated this is where the ideas originate.
Our submarine in currently out of the Studio on maneuvers off the coast of New Jersey