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Drawger and Friends at Hartford University Campus

JULY 18, 2010
The grandmaster of the Hartford MFA Program Murray Tinkelman a dynamo of creative energy as well as a passionate artist. A pleasure to be with one of my very early influences and great to get charged up once again, some things never change,no they get better!.

Scott Bakal was first up and gave a master-full presentation along with some of his originals.

Scott brought several of his origionals

Randy Enos presented engaged and bedazzled his attentive audience, as he presented his art as well as his Mocha Dick

Some of Randy’s art originals

Kinuko Y Craft had the students in stitches with her candor and genuine charm, while at the same time she presented her meticulously painted three month long paintings

Three months of work!

Wendell the ever-consummate professional presented his books, and described his love of the great out doors, and how important it is to pursue your personal passion and vision

This face looks familiar its none other than Tim O'Brien third year MFA student Eileen San Felipe who is a runner and did a series on running events for her masters thesis.

What can I say simply two very classy ladies, Zina Saunders and Nancy Stahl who co-taught in the classroom adjacent to Daniel and myself. The students loved both these visiting pros for their work and their willingness to share and give to their students. And wait there is more we were only week one there is another week to come with yet another set of professionals.Also visiting this week but not shown in from from the west coast was Bunny Carter,with a wealth of movie related artwork.

Professor Pelavin at work reciting his mantra promote, promote, adapt or die with this ever-fast paced and ever changing world we now find ourselfs living in.

Promotional package completed by MFA Student Cassie Frayer for her new book

Linda Tajirian a designer and weaver of natural fibers who was able to apply her art to a myriad of products. Might I add here students had just less than three days to complete all prototypes.

Carol Tinkelman the true heart of the Hartford MFA operation, a very strong woman and a wonderful lady.