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Masters at Hartford

JULY 18, 2011
Had the joy of teaching a self-promotion class at the University of Hartford’s Masters of Illustration summer session. With fellow drawger and close friend Professor Daniel Pelavin. Together we had the pleasure of guiding some major talents in the air-conditioned bliss of classrooms located on this beautiful green and spacious campus.

One of the just many in a stream of not stop major talented speakers Elwood Smith and fellow drawger wowed the crowd

Ross Mc Donald inspired all with his presentation, he does not only do editorial art but all out full color letterpress work and if that was not enough glorious hand crafted movie props, an inspiration for us all

A familiar face in the classroom fellow drawger and nice guy John S Dykes he is currently enrolled in the MFA program.

Promotion created in less then one week thinking outside the box in fact making the box, illustrator Joshua Brunet simply nailed it no pun intended.

Seasoned professional and all round nice fellow designer Jack Tom laid out the seven deadly sins in such a way that taking the journey to hell actually looked like a nice trip to look forward to.

This was a full hands on experience think it, build it, flap it, wrap it and take the prototype to market.

The flood of creativity and over all innovative ideas was amazing given the short amount of time and somewhat limited resources. Art by Jon Sideriadis.This is just a small sampling of the wonderful work hand crafted during this very intensive week.

Form me going to Norman Rockwell’s studio to drop off the robots was simply amazing just a few days before the class at Hartford University started.

Sam a true Ameri-an can and Baby Bot out of the studio for the first time arrive at the Norman Rockwell Museum