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Steaming to The Moon

JANUARY 30, 2013
Parts of the stream rocket ship named “Tompkinsville" were transported by local motion to the Baltimore harbor during winter eighteen sixty four. The rocket was constructed entirely of cast iron forged at the great Baltimore iron works. It took one hundred workers over two months to assemble this rocket ship at the launch site on the harbors edge. This was a huge break through in steam-powered space flight, however reaching the moon proved to be a far greater feet and a most elusive quest.
The “Tompkinsville” steam rocket ship on harbors edge in her pre -flight countdown, she took over eight hours to get her boiler pressure up for blast off requirements. It was a cold windless night this dark December evening a simply perfect night for a shot at the moon.
The Tompkinsville blasts through the earths atmosphere with a burst of steam and amplified heat, as if the heavens opened embracing this strange and somewhat wonderful little craft .Who knew what adventures awaited this small machine as it steamed its way into the darkness of space, the date December 24 1864
What was this strange place still attched to the life support lines of the small capsule I slowly began to scan this dark forboden horizon. The atmosphere was dead silent aside from the steady hiss of the air compressor in my space suit. What odd and wondrous sights still lay ahead my heart was racing as I slowly moved around the perimeter of the “Tomskinville.”
The Frigate US Mary J Campbell recovering at sea an early record steam rocket capsual, after flying to the moon and landing off the coast of Baltimore during the winter of eighteen sixty-four. This was the first recorded steam shot and landing on the moon. This was marked also the first use of a steam powered air compressor to feed the airline of a hardhat diver by a United States federal naval vessel. Which also employed on this recovery naval operation a wireless headset that went from ship to diver it worked successfully to communicate with the navy diver through the use of Morse code.
Commander Post comes face to face with a moon droid