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More Coal

NOVEMBER 12, 2012
Ramping up the factory as winter approaches burning much more coal each day as the weather gets ever colder. Once again we are opening the doors of our small but very neat art factory for a peek inside to see just what is going on inside
Working and thinking in three dimensions currently ideas are flowing some almost two at a time, shown here is my pocket pal poor mans idea pad it travels with me at al times.
Just released from The Steam Powered Art Factory “The Bell All Tin Jet Plane” measuring over two and half feet across this all metal construction jet fighter spins around with the slightest of touch on fully enclosed all steel ball bearings. Standing over three and half feet high on a finely finished hard wood set of lion claw feet. A beauty to behold and a real must for any den or study.
An early stage of construction pieces of fine wood are cut and glued together while awaiting assembly
The glue that binds the secret to any good shop or studio working when with wood
" The Dehavlin Number Six "all wood construction single seat mono plane measuring three and a half foot wide by three foot long
The Dehavlin has a hard wood stand that it can be pinned too and locked in position for display purposes
The most valuable part of "The Steam Powered Art Factory" my assistant the Professor Jing Bao contrasting the size ratio of the Dehavlin Six airplane sculpture to the human body