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Recent Projects

FEBRUARY 28, 2013
Our second calendar rolls of the press, very impressed with digital reproduction
Steam Locomotion to the Heavens Above The Victorians were so enamored with the sheer output of manufactured goods during the industrial age that to them steam powered space flight seemed quite possible. Steam Locomotion to the heavens above was the cry of the day. It was widely thought that if trains can travel with the power of steam why not people travel to the heavens above. The people wealthy enough to afford such a journey were to be called aeronauts.
Our Calendar Promo
Construction begins on the flying teapot in the shop.
The Art begins to take shape
The Flying Tea Pot Berkshire England 1924 Constructed by a lone inventor and tinker, and former pilot John Hamilton Britain 1924.John was a former world war one fighter pilot Obsessed with flight and aviation since early childhood. Considered an eccentric by the local towns people of Berkshire his main obsession was steam powered lighter then air flight. He construct a large steam boiler with some recycled stove pipe and combined this with a large helium filled gas bag .He secretly broke several early altitude flight records testing mainly in early mornings when the air was light and not wanting to draw attention to his work. John Hamilton managed to make several flights over the small rural farms lands of his native village with this strange flying machine. Little else is know of John Hamilton and his aviation flight records he is believed to have married later in life and is thought to have sailed on a clipper ship to Singapore China where he lived out his final days.
This one will ring through only if you can remember five and dime stores or ten cent balsa wood gliders. Metal toys in the five and dime or where for five cents you could ride a fiberglass rocket ship in front of the store. Working with visions of a past youth for sure swirling around my head in the studio as the cold wind blows outside my cozy little shop.
“The Fensler Universal Fully Electrified Plus Static Space Gun,”1868 Conceived at the height of British Steam Space exploration program This is another rare British artifact of early steam based electro pulse based technology. Shown here is “The Fensler” seated in its charging mount which doubles As a stand.
Rocking Chair and Rocket Ship Fashion Floor Art Why does all art? Have to on the wall? Introducing the three stage Victorian Steam Powered Rocket Ship “The Victoria ” or Vic for short a three and a half foot free standing metal and wood sculpture.
The Outside Loop Hennery McCormick is pictured here in his home built monoplane as he performs a very difficult outside loop on a small airstrip just outside southern Oklahoma during the early evening of June 1926. Hennery’s Plane was an all-wood construction monoplane completely fabricated by hand in the family’s barn during the winters of 1924 - 1926. Hennery was a self-taught tradesman of sorts who worked in a small Oklahoma farm machine shop as a general fabricator. Hennery grew up on his family’s small farm and was of modest means but Hennery was a passionate aviation enthusiast since early childhood. Hennery never completed his education beyond the sixth grade but it was said of Hennery that he had hands of gold and could make just about anything. Hennery was said to have been quiet and sort of shy, and most folk considered him a bit of a dreamer. Hennery later went on to develop a mid level airport and an aviation school for young and old alike to let them embrace his passion for flight.