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Our Busy Little Art Factory

MAY 6, 2013
New products are beginning to roll out of our little “Steam Powered Art Factory”.
Always drawing constantly thinking
New for this spring the “Thompson Torpedo” a six cylinder open cockpit all metal body racer.
the “Thompson Torpedo” warming up
Major Recent Scientific finds in London News: While recently redoing the sub basement in the Royal British Science Academy, England researchers were amazed to come across a large wooden chest, dating back to late 1864. When preyed open this dusty chest was found to contain a very early steam rocket ship fully scaled a working production model. It is believed to be the lost work of the somewhat eccentric but brilliant professor Merrill Zachariah. The scale model was created during the great steam rocket ship period in England, it is a fully detailed working scale models. The model was found compete with launch gantry details, as well the professor’s three detailed scientific notebooks (formulas, materials, weights, as well as two complete sky charts and sub orbital equations. This is a most mazing find as reported the British Press in that this now brings to light an almost forgotten time in British Steam Powered Flight history. It will now become a very rare and highly prized addition the academy’s scienctific materials collection. The value has been declared priceless, and professor Merrill Zachariah’s amazingly detailed fully illustrated notes books will go on display as well in The Royal Academy’s Museum in early spring.
As ideas flow almost constenally now a small pocket doodle pad on the bus into the city is extremely important these days This is an early idea sketch for space helmet number four-steam suit with rebreather
Screen Tests Experimenting with mixing one dimensional and two dimensional art Reality and fantasy are now are melting away seamlessly, next some movement and sound.
Depicted here in a rare photograph of space flight suit number two designed and built by Octavius Johnson in Bath England unfortunely it was flatly rejected by the Royal Science Academy. Octavius flight suit simply proved to be too cumbersome and weighted too much for the aeronauts to carry several aboard their steam rocket in its flight to the heavens.
Professor Langford “The Iron Rocetship” “Steam Pulse Rocket ship” Coal burning true “Space Frigate.” “A Cast Iron Bullet” designed to soar into the heavens above and bring back untold wonders as well as riches from the as of yet unexplored outer limits of deep space. All commonly given names for professor Langford's Space exploration machine created 1869
Professor Merrill Zachariah’s original laboratory notebook, Qiang Wei’s short-range electro-o -static space pistol, and her communications head set from the Royal Steam British space ship “Excelsior” 1884
Qiang Wei is a steam aeronught aboard the English steam space ship Excelsior 1884 she has just stepped out on to the surface of Mars. Show here is Qiang Wei wearing a rebreather steam space suit model number four, much improved over model number two. Qiang Wei is the adopted daughter of a retired British clipper ship captain; she was raised in London and attends the Royal Academy of Arts and Science where she exceled at math, engineering, and music, but much more about the exotic and somewhat mysterious Qiang Wei as the story unfolds
A TRENT robot on board the Royal British Steam rocket ship “The Excelsior” startles international Aroenaught Qiang Wei. TRENT: {Tactial, Robot, Enforcement, Navigation, and Troubleshooter)
We now have our new banner out in front of the steam powered art factory and it has real bolts on the bottom both sides.