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The Da Vinci “Lapatra Samatra or “ The Diving Turtle” Or one of the first recorded ideas for a working submersible machine Barcelona Spain1494 This is another scale model of a two-man submersible designed by Leonardo da Vinci for the duke of Malian. A two-man submersible capable of a depth of 2o feet and with the ability to stay down for approximately twenty minutes. The Interesting thing on this design is the wooden side stabilizer that almost appears fish like. The wooden side rudders could be moved by a system of chains and hand cranks and would enable the ship to turn and or dive. The rudders also supplied a stabilizing affect for the subs overall handling and general sailing ability on the surface and when operating submerged. In this print a 1908 recreation of Da Vinci’s “Turtle” a full scale working model is being prepared for a test dive at dockside Liverpool by the National Academy of Science, of note here is the compressed air being piped on board by a mobile fire pump. At the same time the harbor is being re-dredged to allow the proper depth for the submarine to tests it potential
You can take the Car to The Tour Zeppelin 1908 The King George taking on fuel a Motorized Zeppelin outside of Leeds Now sight seeing around jolly old England is a breeze Take the Steameracher Race Car to the Zeppelin its is the fastest way to connect you with the inner city tour Zeppelin. “The King George” tour flight provides slow moving very quiet propeller driven tours above the city. Able to fly at relatively low altitudes this is a great way to view and enjoy the sights. “The King George” seats four and costs fifty cents quite a deal for its day.
“Death from Above” August 12 France 1914 Young and strong flight officer John O’Brien never even saw it coming. Just out of flight school Bristol England and with only two weeks of flying above the fury that would be come to be known as the war to end all wars. A young man at the peak of his life is cut down and for what.
Throttle jammed and loosing altitude rapidly desperate a fight to stay alive as the grip of death quickly brings our brave young pilot to his untimely demise.
Opening up our studio doors to show some summer work as we are getting ready for this fall
Getting ready for the fall teaching assignments already creating yet another character and costume, my poor wife she will be “August Ray” this year as the “She Wolf of Shanghai” a trained Asian assassin and former dancer at the crazy horse cabaret France 1928.East meets West in this action thriller model drawing pose and photo shoot, should be very interesting. We will be working like a design studio that is doing a visual pitch for an action move, pitching the drawings directly to the money people for the films finical backing.
The Da Vinci Mechanical Flyer # 28 “The Circular Mechanical Flyer”1500 Milan Da Vinci’s further thoughts on mechanical flight This design was considered one of Leonardo’s favorites; for its overall size and shape. This one was believed to be just a scale model for full sized design further down the road. Da Vinci was a true renaissance man he was Painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, cartographer, botanist, historian, and writer.
The Tessele hand Gun Florence 1496 Lenardo Da Vinci The Tessele Hand Pistol was hydrogen and flint sparked hand held weapon, capable of firing six lead shots with a range of one hundred yards a rather advanced concept for its day.
“The Barista “Florence Italy 1494 A side arm designed for the then Papal Armies of Florence A multi shot blaster “the father of the morden day shot gun” In 1482, at age thirty, Leonardo relocated to design military weapons for the duke of Milan. This was not such a great leap for an artist; during the Renaissance, war was viewed as an art form, and, more significantly, Leonardo never studied an area but what he did he mastered. During his late forties, Leonardo was back in Florence after nearly two decades, but he would soon leave once more to become military engineer for the commander of the papal armies. He later returned again to Florence, and then made still another move to Milan in 1506.
“The Chipilla” or small Steam Powered Bird 1489 Designed for the Duke of Malian as a gift and as a letter of introduction for Lenardo Da Vinci around 1489.Another Da Vinci working prototype in the long development of mechanical powered flight, this one was rather rare in that it employed the use of steam in its internal workings of the design design.