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Old Race Horse

JANUARY 4, 2016
I kind of feel that currently I am a little bit like that old racehorse. A horse that finally no longer has to race each day to earn his daily bread, but I still very much enjoy the race. I still think in visuals within the minds eye and now in three dimensions. I still compuslulivy doodle out thumb nail sketches and I seem to be to be dipping into a stream of ideas that might have always been there, but until recently I have simply been unable to see them. Ideas are coming in ones and twos and threes from some where in my past as if in a stream in which I just look down and pick them out of the flow. The only real difference is that now I no longer have to show my thoughts to an art director or an editor for that matter. The many years of working freelance as left me with process of image making firmly burned into my minds eye. It has left me finely a tuned old horse with some fairly good old habits. My new path is rather joyful in the freedom that I have found in these greener pastures. I still rise quite early each day and put in a full day of making, and tinkering in some respects I am working harder now then when I was freelancing, but its fun.
The main difference is that currently I am working with large forms that are welded, epoxied, and or glued and they take a bit longer to finish.
Cosmonaut Rotomoton # M42 (Russia) The worlds first fully functioning Rotomoton to guide, fly, and circle navigated the earth Augest 12, 1961
“The Stalin #6” A first attempt at a Digital Space Smart Phone 1961 {Russian Space Art} A pre- curser to todays modern day smart phone It scanned the heavens with a radar-equipped antenna, and then the device was switched to microwave transmitter to deliver and receive audio input. It worked somewhat well but the signal from earth was weak and the single had a lot of noise and static in its transmission. Four versions of the Stalin six were made seven, eight and nine were all made an all tested in nineteen sixty two. But the rotation of the earth and the suns radiation all caused reception problems so funding was cut for this a first “Russian Smart Space Phone” in nineteen sixty five
“The Piften Rostioff” Russia1964 Depicted here is sort of a Russian early pic-to-drawing of a proposed space weapon for Cosmonauts on board space flight defense system. The “Piften Rostioff” as it was named was alleged to have been a multi shot laser two handed cranked cockpit gun. This design was fabricated at a clock-manufacturing factory just outside Kiev and in fact incorporated some clock mechanisms in its internal workings. Weight was of primary concern as well a size in the early Russian Space Program. It’s still an enigma as why so many examples of these fine designs were never produced, there were several weapons manufacturing companies in Russia during this time all competing for these much valued space contract
Russian Space Guns “The Series” “The Piften Rostioff” Russia1964 (Model B) Shown here is he “Shanghai Hellcat” holding a Piften Rostioff Model # 2B, 1962 outside the factory gates near Kiev Russia
The Mercedes Bug On New Years Day.” “Morning Flight 1899” Believed to be an early scale model for what is believed to have been Mr. Karl Benz’s early aviation period. His flying machine model protype has been dated around 1899. Few people know that Mr. Benz was also an avid flight enthusiast. Some refer to this design as an early drone design but it was in fact his prototype for and early airplane. This peculiar sculpture has a wingspan of over three and a half feet and a body length of two and a half feet. It is an all-metal and wood construction art piece that sits on it own flight station pedestal or take off base. This flying machine also bears the now famous Mercedes-Benz logo.
Morning Departure Winter December1928 The USS Shenandoah Costal Support Weather Zeppelin Standing over three and a half foot high this sculpture is composed of both steel wood and cardboard and she has been is fully winterized. She proudly stands on a removable all steel mechanically based podium and launch pad design. A solid art piece of hand made construction reminsisent of yet another time in America’s not too distant aviation history.