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Going Inward

JUNE 2, 2016
Commander Cody’s Side Arm Sculpture: brass, steel, wood, and clear two-part epoxy Free standing space gun on removable base Dated around ninety fifty-two this space gun was used by the commander on many of his adventures. The 1950s science-fiction serial character, whose name is actually Commando Cody Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe Commando Cody was originally filmed as a twelve-part television series but union contract issues forced Republic to first exhibit it through regular movie theaters as a 12-part weekly serial. While the TV episodes build on each other in chronological order, the serial episodes lacked the traditional cliffhanger endings that characterized all previous serials. The Commander had a rather large impact on me as a small boy who sat glued to the small black and white television set each Saturday morning watching with great amazement every move every adventure.
“THE HOVER 47” PROTYPE A HAND HELD “STEAM POPPER” Few people realize that the Hover Vacuum company based in North Canton, Ohio was actually investing in research and development of futuristic steam and gas powered hand held weapon alternatives. The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented in 1908 by Canton, Ohio department store janitor and occasional inventor James Murray Spangler (1848-1915). After refining the original design and obtaining a patent for the “Electric Suction Sweeper” he set about producing it himself, assisted by his son, who helped him assemble the machines, and his daughter, who assembled the dust bags. Production was slow, completing just 2-3 machines a week. In his spare time Spangler experimented with steam and gas propelled weapon designs. Featured here is the “Hover Steam Popper” a three shot hand held fully automatic handgun. Its has been reported the Henry Ford was very much interested in the design and was considering manufacturing it himself Spangler passed before this could happen.
“Winter WORK” February 2016 Fabricating and Fantasizing This has been a rather cold winter with temperatures between zero and three degrees and winds of over thirty-five miles and hour. All my life I have wanted a studio of my own a place to think and work and now I have it, a modest one-car garage with electricity and running water. It has a little heat not much but a pair of recycled “Hugs” with redesigned two-inch soles a down vest with and the addition of a wool scarf does the trick quite nicely. A place of solace to retreat too far from the madding world a place to think tinker and create. One would be amazed at what has produced in this small and modest environment. Shown here is a new flyer under development in the studio, this is a daily occurrence and comes together over a series of days the early morning hours they are the best for its a good a time for thinking. The quiet hours of the new day provide a tranquil flow of creativity and thought. Add to this mix a strong brew of chockfull of nuts coffee no sugar and a little half and half and you have attained a state of pure bliss “Allah’s Chocolate”. And did I mention the large twenty-six ounce metal can that this wonderful exlexer comes in it is excellent source of material for recycling when one is involved in the almost steady production of free standing metal robots.
I startled a morning Blue Back Manta Ray sunning its self in the warm mornings early spring sunlight. Once it spotted me approaching it quickly jumped off the pilings and swam towards New Jersey and in a wink disappeared into the deep bay waters never to be spotted again. {Metal, wood, and epoxy sculpture. Measuring here foot long by two foot wide}
Morning Manta Ray Spotted recently on a cool and quiet spring morning at Dongan Hills beach in Staten Island New York (Iron, and wood and epoxy sculpture)
Finally able to get the word out now that the series is finally completed We are joyfully spreading the word out and about town (Eight flying machines composed of steel, brass, and wood, all relief sculptures All eight measuring about a foot and one half high and a half-foot wide}
Here is two of eight designs believed to have been presented to Louis XIV [1638 September 1715}, known as Louis the Sun King (le Roi-Soleil) as possible court commissioned royal flying balloon prototypes. It is still unknown weather these were actual flying deign prototypes or simply fantasy works of art or mere simple whimsy. Louis during his command invited manufacturers and artisans from all over Europe to France, such as Murano glassmakers, Swedish ironworkers, and Dutch shipbuilders. In this way, he aimed to decrease foreign imports while increasing French exports, hence reducing the net outflow of precious metals from France. So he was known to have been a passionate patron of the arts as well, and these eight designs may have in fact been actually commissioned by Louis XIV. These designs were far more decorative then were practical, but they were beloved by royal court when Louis XIV put on them display at the palace.
A side arm believed to have been developed and used by Dr.Zarkov along with is partner and best friend Flash Gordon. Dr. Hans Zarkov was a fictional character appearing in the Flash Gordon comic strip and the following serials, films, television shows and comic books. Zarkov was a brilliant scientist who created amazing rocket ships and forced Flash and Dale Arden to come with him to the planet Mongo, and fight against Ming the Merciless. People often talk about the suspension of belief, no problem here I was literally hanging out with Dr. Hans Zarkov on all his adventures. But I might also add here I was ten that helps a bit. As a small rather impressionable boy I was simply taken away I loved it, especially the rocketships!