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Still Sculpting

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016
Johnny BaGatto says any friend of Moe Green is a friend of mine; yes we will promote this Spollen guy and his stuff here in Atlantic City for sure! We are all family now, and we just need to wet our beaks a bit in return. As for art forgetabout it! But I kind of like these gun things he does kind of crazy! Wonderful hand crafted fanatical works of art made by the leading artisans of this time and designed by engineers with limitless imaginations. These eccentric weapons represent a truly magical part of a past time a magical science fiction world.
The Lafayette Space Pistol 1834 Standard Side arm on all French Space Missions 1834 France 1832 “The Lafayette” on its rechargeable stands a six shot short-range space weapon. A very well designed short range electric and hydrogen blaster hand crafted by “The Lagrange Craftsman Guild House of Paris” well liked among the aeronauts who used them while in space.
“The Pronto Blaster” England 1834 Michaels Faraday's research into electric flow and current and his duel passion for quantum physics led to the development of this odd weapon and very powerful weapon indeed. Electrically charged atoms could be forced and redirected into a single shot or as in this case a blast.
Captured in this print on the actual gantry of the French Rocket Ship “The La Salle” is The “Oscillating Over-Thruster Ray Gun” A true rocket pistol in real life. The time was nineteen thirty six and the destination was for parts of the universe still unknown
France and its Historic Electric Hydrogen Ray Guns 1834 All was well in the tiny but peaceful small French hamlet until “Angus The Mad Ape” gets a hold of the newly developed (Electric Hydrogen French Ray Space Gun} (The Libitour). All liquored up on high on he kings finest wine and very angry, Angus now proves to be a major threat and he thinks he is French, he is believed to be of Irish origins. So stay tuned to the up coming short film “Supermen’s Staten Island Journey” to see what happens with “Angus The Ape” and much more. (An outtake from short film still in the works}
This is a series of “Metallic Hot air Balloon Sculptures”. believed to have been presented To the King around 1712. He was a lover of art dance and music. These were created By several artisans and craftsmen of that period. It has been said that king Louie dad them placed all around his summer palace. It turns out that the king was a very strong lover of flight and was simply amaze with these art pieces!
XIV, France's Sun King A lover of Flight and strong Supporter of the Arts (1643-1715) The towns people simply loved this series “Metallic Hot Air Balloon Sculptures”. They pleaded with the king to make them public and put them on display. But try as he could the king could simply could not find a venue in which to display these fine works of art. Frustrated and some what angered he had them all melted down and turned them into armaments.The townsfolk were hearts broken when this information was leaked out.
“The Bonaparte Diving Helmet” French 1836 This was an advancement on the English Brenton Diving helmet of 1832 in that this design was the first attempt at a re-breathing apparatus. This was also combined with a hydrogen feed giving the diver a mixture of both gases oxygen and hydrogen in an attempt to avoid the Bends. This design meet with limited success. This helmet was able to achieve depths of over three hundred feet but he divers still complained of diving pains when coming up to the surface . The Bonaparte Helmet sculpture measures 18 “ high and 24 ” wide Its is composed from steel iron and brass and weighs twenty four pounds This is two in “the Antique Diving Helmet Hard Hat’s Sculpture Series” ,number three should surface off the shores of South Beach, God permitting and weather willing at the end of this month.