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Learning to listen

MAY 10, 2018
One very important thing that I have learned over the years that is when your sculptures start talking to you it is very wise to listen. “Moon Rocketship Midland Beach March 2018”
This is just one of several pages of a now abounded print catalog that I had been working on. It was never good enough for me to simply sculpt something I always had a story that went with each piece. These prints kind of reflect my minds eye, I am now and have been forever a daydreamer and I kind of live in a world of my own making. Unlike most artists who draw from the world around them I have always chosen to bring to life a parallel world, an imagined world in which things move fly and make noise.
Growing up on an island (Staten Island) completely surrounded by water how could this not affect my work. The beach was kind of a second home to me in the early part of my formative life. Hence the term “Water-Mations” from a small boy with a very active imagination that simply loved to sit and daydream the whole daylong
“ Old Locomotive Number Three” is fresh out of the shop and ready to go to work, a coal burning workhorse and she is all streamed up and ready to haul. Locomotive # 3 free standing wood steel and iron sculpture 18 inches wide 12 inches high 6 inches deep
The Lafayette Laser Ray Gun 1932 The French governments war effort and created for them by the then living in America Nikola Teslar. This is a fully electric AC current six shot hand Ray Gun. It Was given the name “The Lafayette ”in honor of the French General who came to America’s aide during the American Revolution war effort. Sculpture with a removable base 19 ” H 20” W 16” D
OMG! Could this be the original ray gun from the 1956 British movie set of “Mission to the Stars”. I am not sure but I charged it up and blew a hole in my studio side door the size of Brooklyn. {Sculptured hand held Ray Gun with removable base, composed of all steel components} 20”high 24”wide 12”deep Stay Tuned Girls and Boys much more to come! With the Recent Works From The New Series of Sculptures created by artist and sculptor Chris Spollen in “Le Ray Guns De La Fantastical”