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A Re -Imagined World

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
"Intela 41” The One Eyed Myopic Intelligence Gathering Retro Military Former Space Robot A fully functioning freestanding six foot two walking robot designed to gather personal information and data. With once glance if it’s enhanced frontal eye lobe it can gather twenty gigs of information in two Nano seconds. The information is pulled in through an ultra sound wave device that can read data even trough iron and steel.
“ Intela 41” was first developed by the United States Space department in nineteen sixty-four. It was the first A.I. {artificial Intelligence} pilot-astronaut designed and crafted as back up for the Gemini and Apollo Space programs. But as manned space flights proved to be doable and less risky the funds for the robot astronaut project were cut.
Now with the help of an old uncle who used to work for the space department who just happened to have an old box of very dated and almost ineligible blueprints it is slowly being re –constructed. Piece by piece in the early morning hours small discoveries are being made as the new parts arrive. In the wee wee hours in complete and utter darkness and absolute secrecy, yet, some how I am feeling that I am being watched.
The Jules Verne Ray Gun “The Moon Stellar, Pistole” 1898 This amazing art piece was recently found inside an old steamer trunk deep inside the basement of the Jules Verne estate in France. Tests will be conducted soon, as it’s still uncertain if this piece is an actual working ray gun or in fact a scale mode prototype that might have been a scaled model designed for manufacturing during its day. It will be sent to the French Historic Space Laboratories in Marcie France for a detailed investigation. Verne was often referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction”, Verne wrote books about a variety of innovations and technological advancements years before they were practical realities so a trough investigation of this weapon is in truly in order. {This sculpture and measures three foot high by two foot wide All metal construction}
“The La Salle” French Scale Model Steam Tug Boat Design 1815 Designed and made by naval artist and engineer, and part time sculptor John Paul La Salle. This design was presented to the French Naval council during the summer of 1815 for consideration and possible manufacture as a French port work and or tug boat. The marine models during this period were presented almost as art pieces for the financing and government contracts were very substantial if selected. But after a month of deliberation the naval council and the city fathers concluded that this design was simply too complex to mass produce and it never went into government production. Even to this day this working scale model is considered to be more of an art piece rather than a working marine harbor workboat model. {This sculpture measures three foot high by two foot wide All metal and hard wood construction}
Art from “An Re-Imagined World” (Sculptures and Prints by Chris Spollen} Here at the “Steam Powered Art Factroy” we all rise promptly at three am and at our workstations by four AM, all candles off for all at eight fifteen PM. Six days a week we create art, four cups of hearty fresh brewed coffee a day per worker. We make six-foot sculptures, wall sculptures, fine art prints, as well as short films. Not to mention our thirty-year commitment to low aero speed aero dynamics studies, and the development and testing of human power vechiel. But at this rate of creativity we will soon need a much larger factory Our new wireless ‘’Marconi Morse “code machine which is switched off promtly at six PM weeknights and is on from two to five both Saturday and Sunday. (Our two top-secret current projects are two five-foot metal sculptures, a mechanical steam powered sea bird entitled “Duke The Power Bird”, and the “Flash Gordon Passive Wind Machine” that will both spin and turn depending on the winds direction.]