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Getting the Show ready

MARCH 3, 2008
Tinkering Station
The ladies from the museum sent a photographer out to check upon how the show is coming. It’s been a while, and they want to see if I any made good on my promise to deliver, machines that run without gas and do not pollute, as well as some artwork.
Human Power
Yes I indeed have the goods in eighteen degrees weather presented for photo opt the zote foam two and three wheeled models. I tried to explain why my brother and I only buy gasoline every month or so. We simply use our bikes for almost all our shorts chore runs; we get twenty miles to a banana.
The photographer filed a favorable report, and then the ladies came for a studio visit and took photos of my studio and almost all the sculptures. They will pick the ones they feel will work best with the museum show” Making Things Go”. It’s going to be a bit of art and technology.
Show Promo

Great stuff I get to create some of the show promo  always fun