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Rocking In the Back Yard

AUGUST 26, 2008
The Word went out
Rocking out in the backyard a salute to life, good food and music for all ages
Eddie has hands of gold
They say that you can get by with a little help from your friends. Well my neighbor Eddie came over and said a bandstand no problem two hours later behold amazing.
Wow the band is set up

The Jimmie Mack band is tight they came from three different states three different cars and were set up ready to go with a sound test all with in thirty minutes
Having Fun

Mike, Pat McCracken fantasy artist and a new baby girl, myself as well as Daniel Pelavin pre-band
Good Friends

The Beautiful Inga Polsur not FBI, ODS, nor KGB, just a wonderfully talented artist and a good friend
The Tinkelmans Illustration Royalty

They say behind every great man is a great woman, so here is Murray and Carol Tinkelman
Classic good looks

The ever-stylish international illustrator Nancy Stahl graced our shores always a pleasure to have such a class act at our hillbilly shindigs
The band is cooking

The Jimmy Mack band Jimmie Mack on Fender guitar, Joe Ciardiello on drums, Jim McDonald on Fender base guitar, together they make great music, live music is getting rare and it’s a shame its very good for the soul.
The Master

Jimmy Mack gets better and better with age; he cranked out his own tasteful renditions of classic rock songs all done in his  gritty Mack style, very nice great fun.
Making things go show John Tetz ,me and his velomobile


off subject but we are now on u-tube