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Moby Dick

FEBRUARY 2, 2009
Moby Dick
 My agent Moe Green has had it with me claims I am spending all my studio time building toys and making up crazy stories. I argued that I am simply following my voice; he yelled then says something, say something! , Something that I can sell. Think Moby Dick, Moe what did you say?” Moby Dick”. Now that’s a story. OK Moe I will give it a try,
Moe loved this print then said now do Ahab I replied do Lincoln.
The Thinking
Still have the sketchbook habit, although I rather draw from the minds eye then life.

Professor Jing Bao
Once again I would like to thank the Peoples Republic of China, Professor Daniel Pelavin, and Professor Vincent Di Fate, for all their help preparing the paper work in order to make her visit possible. Together we are currently working on a fashion project for her students in Hangzhou.She is teaching me about Prada, Chanel, and Armani I am teaching her about double tracking and two part harmonies a- la the early Beach Boy recordings on  Capitol records origional vinyl only.

The Captain Reports a Strange Sighting
The Captain is off again this time it looks like China, influenced be the adventures of Marco Polo. Stayed tuned for the Captain’s tales and stories from these strange and foreign lands

Electronic Pulse Gun 1948
This device was a 1948 scaled demo unit, bought at a government auction; it had a pre- amp, and a hot coil. This working model is a one tenth scale model of, the actual weapon.  would have been the size of a NYC dump truck. The idea was to develop a large electronic DC charge and at a key moment release this hot shot at a target of choice. In early testes it managed to scare stray cats and frighten local dogs. The device also managed to burn holes in the laundry of the commander’s wife personal garments hanging in back of the barracks.  The gun caused the dimming of the base lights and loss of all radio transmissions during the various tests. After a short run frustration began to grow with the research team on this project. The combined tests simply did not yield any real destructive power. This model was later abandoned, and they funding went to the then new and unheard of accelerated light particles research. What we commonly know today as the modern laser.