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OCTOBER 24, 2009
the shop
Now there is a thin line between my studio and shop

My assistant and on board art director, she really has a good eye for composition and color.
She is holding a civil war train to train close in defense weapon probably by most standards a very early grenade launcher. The “Pounder” was very inaccurate, but it did launch a lit shaped charge some distance and was considered way ahead of its time.

Jungle side arm forty-five caliber, issue date circa 1864

Campers green fly a most annoying insect and its bite packs a potent sting. Have recently been experimenting with found rust as well as other recycled materials.

 It all still starts with thumbnails and sketches

The studio is starting to get a little crowed these days

Thought it only natural to make the frame, been making everything else

Steam powered Zephyr naturally