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The Genius of Mad Men

JANUARY 26, 2010
The Prentor Expander (England 1912) This early Hydrogen Electric gun is believed to have been developed for the Kelly gang in England 1912, its actual origins are still a bit fuzzy. The police theorize that it was still under construction when the raid occurred, and the weapon was confiscated. The gun is extremely advanced in design The Prentor Expander could generate its own hydrogen from compressed water and an electric impulse. A small electric charge sparked from a hot coil would ignite the hydrogen gas and fire the weapon. This gun is believed to have been able to fire several types of projectiles; several darts, and several lead shaped projectiles were found when the weapon was confiscated by the Liverpool police department.
The Duchess (1504) Carried aboard all ships of the line this early Dutch naval weapon was an excellent short-range protection weapon. The Duchess and could fire almost anything it was loaded with nails, chain, lead balls, a black power crank operated flint lock weapon. Extremely well crafted and very reliable she was a standard side arm on all the Dutch West Indies ships for over ten years. The weapon was much favored by the early Dutch sailors on boarding parties, and rumors were that this weapon could slay a sea monster with a single burst. A much sort after and prized weapon only a handful still exist in the world today.