Chris Spollen
Spring Prints
This print is one of my favorites a blast form the past Commander Cody. He could fly to the scene of a crime with the aide of an early back mounted jet engine. This image portrays his hand held electric crank fired sonic blaster, a very rare find.
The ideas have been flowing recently, which is always a good thing. They range from print ideas to front bubble shape and mount fabrication for my latest recumbent. The flow contains many thoughts, I just simply pick and choose the good ones, the ones I wish to pursue.
Handy Man: These tools were formerly my fathers, and the parts are form my rental hot water pipes, water heater was just re-placed. Shimmed a door with re finished chisel last week tools are very handy things to have.
I have for longtime been fascinated with the iron period of American naval history Where we went form wood to iron in a very short amount of time, after decades of naval ware fare and conquests with wooden ships
Day dreaming and making paper planes, in this one is I was experimenting with bending, but it ended up as an image on my studio floor, then a print
A through back to wodden boats,a time mow long forgotten
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