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Chris Spollen

Chris Spollen
For over thirty years in his role as an award-winning illustrator, Chris Spollen’s work evolved from working with the then, traditional materials on paper, to a love for creating evocative, expansive digital mixed media projects, along with scouring locales for found objects that found their way into three dimensional sculptures that reflected his love for space, steamship punk and the sea.

His client list was a broad spectrum of nationally known publications such as Boy’s Life, McGraw Hill and Penthouse. He was regularly featured in illustration industry annuals such as Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and Society of Illustration Annuals and self published collections such as Aprodisia One and Two.

Spollen’s work had been the subject of one-man shows at the Staten Island Museum, the Society of Illustrators and included in the acclaimed Robot show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. He was also represented in numerous juried group exhibitions.

Spollen worked on a series of metal and wood sculptures; Images and subject matter ranging from flying ships to airplanes. He gathered his materials from the beaches of the small island where resided and from the household pantry. His art is reminiscent of a simpler time of tin toys, trains, planes, and automobiles, the unbridled bliss that is youth, with a touch of naiveté.

His love for creating art was matched by his love for being in the classroom, where he urged young minds to create on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Chris Spollen passed away on September 10th, 2019 and is dearly missed by his close friends in the illustration world.
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