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French Balloons

JANUARY 10, 2017
New pieces form the always-in progress “Fantastical Balloon Series”. The Steam Powered Art Factory is very much alive with winter work. The hissing of steam pipes and the sound of boilers roaring with fresh coal production in the winter months is always on a major high.
Originally crafted for King Louie of France (The Sun King) 1834 1836. These were often referred to as the “Fantastical Series of Decorative Balloons” hand crafted by local artisan’s and metal smiths and made specifically for the king who himself was a passionate lover of all things flight. They were carefully placed throughout the castle and were much beloved by the ruling class as well as the local towns people. This entire set has recently been discovered in a dusty large wooden create deep within "The Steam Powered Art Factory" vaults, Staten Island New York simply amazing.
“The Excelsior Grand” 1836 France, and all metal steel framed balloon gas filled and steam powered flying machine. {This was often considered the heavy metal in its day.}
Special thanks to the now famous “Hell Cat” for spreading the word of my current “Decorative Balloon Series” an all metallic and wood sculpture series. She is Forever hanging up posters all about our small island and in places that I could never get to or fit into. Unfortunally I rarely see her for she tends to keep wee hours and works late into the night.
This is said to to have been two of the Kings two favorite pieces “The Leopold Flier” 1836 on left And “The Palantant Balloon” on the right
Hand crafted by French artisans and metal smiths then put on display by the King himself. Each piece was a rather ecletic representation of a somewhat fantasized and very decorative form of a flying machine. The more decorative the more beloved the pieces became, amazing {1834 1836.}