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Streaming and Steaming!

MARCH 10, 2017
Winter Fishing Gears instead of fins and just a little shape shifting to create a bit of some frozen fantasy ice fish. Fun on the frozen beach and the shop remains on full burner as winter slowly comes to an end.
Winter Fishing The studio remains on full steam as the winter’s cold slowly begins pass. Many ideas are flowing in an almost steady stream of consciousness now and we do not wish to miss a single one of them. Ideas are to be captured and nurtured and then brought to life such a joy.
Shown here is a highly efficient lightweight eclectic ray gun and innovative new design. Designed to deliver a very high voltage of electric power in a single burst. All new and innovative circuit boards make this now possible; Based on a Russian design and incorporating the work of Louis Voltaire this is a pioneering piece of high-end circuitry.
In honor of one of our "True American Heroes "we are celebrating the life and work of Peter Cooper right here at the Steam Powered Art Factory. So for this month at least we are digitally opening our doors to show you folks just what has been going on inside our shop over past several months.
“Le Balloon De Fantastical” or as the king often referred to as “Le Pure Fantasy De Flight” regarding this rather eclectic collection of sculpted art fantasy flying machines. This is another piece in a series as well that King George The III had adored in his much beloved “ “The Da Vinci Mechanical Flight Series”
Currently trying to organize the art in ‘The Steam Powered Art Factory” .The task is somwhat overwhelming, boxes, creates, barrels, the art everywhere art, prints, and sculptures every where, an almost daunting task for sure. So in the process I asked “Angus The Mad Ape” to lend a hand. I put Angus in charge of the studios sales and marketing for one week. Not a very good idea not only did he scare people away but he sold a recent piece for just three cents. He cannot help it he try’s to be good, will have to find some other jobs for him to do around the studio. Bad Monkey!!!! He will get better.
Beached Ratain Bay Moss Bunker Trawler 1964 {I have many very fond memoires of watching them with their nets out slowly traveling along the New Jersey coast in the morning summer sunlight. The view was from the captain’s seat in my small put powerful little twelve foot all homemade aluminum speedboat} Menhaden or Mossbunker is very oily fish. Their bodies were separated into oil and fish parts, the bulk of which were used as fertilizer. The name menhaden is said to derive in part from the Atlantic Coast Native American name for fertilizer, “munnauhateaug”. The local Indians taught the early settlers how to use the fish to fertilize corn and other crop plants. The coastal fishermen followed the bunker schools up and down the coast — as did the whales, dolphins, bluefish, striped bass, and sharks — and captured them in large purse seines worked by several boats at a time. It was kind of like haulseining with nets a quarter of a mile long. The fishermen worked together to make hauls and divided up the spoils democratically. This sculpture measures thirty-six inches wide by eighteen-inched high and it is composed of wood, iron, and steel.
The King George III Fish Flyer George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and Ireland (Alexander Hamilton the subject of a hit American play, Was one of the politicians the King did business with and he often referred to Alexander as a boisterous up start. And as an ex-patriot Englishman, the king considered them to be a backcountry Wildman} George grew into a healthy but reserved and shy child. The family moved to Leicester Square, where George and his younger brother Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany, were educated together by private tutors. Family letters show that he could read and write in both English and German, as well as comment on political events of the time, by the age of eight. He was the first British monarch to study science systematically. Apart from chemistry and physics, his lessons included astronomy, mathematics, French, Latin, history, music, geography, commerce, agriculture, and constitutional law, along with sporting and social accomplishments such as dancing, fencing, and riding. George also loved very much hanging out with musicians, craft’s people, and artists. In fact this piece was made in his honor and presented to him on his birthday by one of the local artists. George was also a great believer in manned flight and he was intensely interested in the hot air balloons that the French were developing and being tested. George’s personal favorite was the Leeds artisan was Sir James Spollen the third, knighted for his contributions to the king’s personal armory and art collection. Sir James was both an artist as well as an artisan he was a metal smith known through out the kingdom for his innovative and experiential guns.