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Sill Listening

APRIL 12, 2017
Remember to Stop, Look and Always Listen They say that over time one finds his or her own spiritual calling or voice, but one must be very quite in order to hear that calling. The voices are coming in now very loud now and quite clear the static of this mad life is being filtered out. I just needed to add two more very rare early sixties Bell Lab transistors to the head set in order to keep the almost now steady hiss of madness out. So nice to tune into ones own voice, and let it guide you to where you should be. Remember always to stop look and to listen and you will be amazed at what you will discover.
“The Titan Electrical Gun Project” {The General Electric Company US August 12 1944} Developed by General Electric for the US war effort a hand held lightweight rechargeable eclectic handgun. Deemed to powerful and hard to control due to uncontroble bursts of electric and sketchy targeting by then president Truman. He canceled the project as he felt this collection of electric weapons were simply too powerful and inhumane. Recently the eclectic gun project has been reopened by now president Donald Trump is his effort to make America safer, and broaden the size to the US military. He has just stated publicly that he wants to have the finest equipment in the world. He wants the largest military buildup in American history to makeup for years of wars and depletion. He has secretly re funded the “Electrical Gun Project “and it is now up and running in new Mexio.He has stated privately that who would think to search there given my public statements concerning Mexico. Little else is known at this point the project is being conducted in Los Alamos New Mexico under heighten security. The fear that Russian Government might crack, breach, or Internet tap the information is very high. So the laboratory is on twenty-four hour around the clock crackdown and now outsiders are allowed with in a fifty-mile radius of the compound.
The word comes into the shop through the myriad of old copper cable lines and two very old sixties small speaker box’s wired into the celling Today you must start to build an all-metal 1934 French Tractor! from this odd selection of this and that odd and discarded metal parts with no two pieces a match. No instructions and not a clue as where to begin or how to proceed. Starting with just a warm cup of fine coffee and pure silence it’s amazing just how much can be heard in silence. As words thoughts and ideas begin to bubble and percolate inside the minds eye. The silence is essential to hear the thoughts they are usually just above a whisper, put with time this can become almost a steady stream of consciousness. And very quietly parts begin to take shape and what a simple joy to undertake and simply to create!
This print is called “Morning Warm Up” The sculpture is all Metal construction measuring a foot and a half wide and stands eight inches high.
The Edison “Hand Held Sparker” Model # 2 1924 Originally designed by Thomas Edison to be sold to the United States correction phyclaities, as a hand held non-leathal device to keep the inmates in line. Edson had declared that he would never again design anything that there was not already a market for. His design was very innovative in concept for its time and it pre dated the modern day Taser employed by many police stations across America today. The only problem was that it did not work it sent the indented target in to shock and was responsible for starting many fires, so development was halted and it was never brought out of his West Orange New Jersey labs and presented to the world at large. Stay tuned for the whole amazing story in our upcoming Art Film called “The Legend of The Electric Gun Part 2” {Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and The Mad Russian Ape! {Former cosmonaut} are all plugged in and all connected, OMG! Here is the link for “The Legend of The Electric Gun” Part 1 A short bit of film that starts to unravel this strange but amazing tale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnN8AhcQcdk
Winters Dry Dock Waiting patiently for the cold winds of winter to subside our little workboat patiently sits by the cold waters edge for the warm waters of summer. And a chance to set sail for the adventures that the fertile waters of summer will bring, and who knows what adventures they will be. {All metal construction measures two foot high by a foot and a half high}
1964 The Russian Space Rifle (The Votltski} was an on board deterrent and a very early concept space weapon during the early sixties space flights. It marked the first use of transistors on an electric gun; this weapon was carried onboard all the early Russian space flights in the orbiting of the earth. The Russians had kerosene in their rocket engine tanks and transistors in their electric space guns; yes the space race had begun! {The Russian cosmonauts nicknamed this gun “The Little Walking Man”} {An all-metal sculpture measuring two and a half foot wide by a foot and a half high}
Louis Charles Joseph Blériot (July 1872 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. He developed the first practical headlamp for trucks and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier than air aircraft Winning the prize of £1,000 Offered by the Daily Mail newspaper. Blériot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane And the founder of a successful aircraft manufacturing company. {This piece measures a foot and a half across and is a foot high Composed of both various metals and wood}